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Craft a purr-sonal profile: Show off your cat care skills, experiences, and the special touch you bring to each feline friend—completely free.


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Seamlessly connect with cat owners: Get personalized requests for cat sitting services that align with your unique abilities and love for cats.


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Receive your earnings with ease: Benefit from secure and prompt payments for your dedicated cat sitting, however you set your rates.

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Get a leap on opportunities with boardMyCat.ca’s clever matching—receive alerts for cat sitting requests that align with your services and schedule.

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Connect with cat owners seeking your bespoke cat sitting services and turn your love for felines into financial reward.

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Your Earnings, Safely Snuggled

  • Billing Made Pawsitively Simple: Navigate through your finances with ease using our user-friendly dashboard, designed to keep your cat sitting earnings in clear view.

  • Payouts Before Payouts: Dive into cat sitting commitments with the comfort that our service fees are deferred until after your Stripe-secured funds are cozily in your account—allowing you to concentrate on providing the coziest lap for cats to curl up on.

  • Security by Stripe: Trust in the reliability of Stripe Connect for all payment processes, providing a fortress of security that underpins each transaction—because the safety of your earnings should be as dependable as a cat’s affection.

Frequently asked questions about cat sitting

Explore the common questions and answers about Board My Cat


Is boardMyCat.ca free for cat sitters to join?

Yes, indeed! Joining boardMyCat.ca is completely free for cat sitters. You can set up your profile, browse cat sitting requests, and connect with cat owners without any upfront costs. We only ask for a small service fee when you complete a cat sitting job, ensuring our platform stays affordable for all.


How can I improve my visibility to potential cat owners on boardMyCat.ca?

To become a sought-after sitter, craft a detailed profile showcasing your cat sitting experience, specific skills (like administering medication or grooming), and previous client testimonials. Regular interaction with our community and leveraging our premium features can also increase your visibility to cat owners.


What types of cat sitting requests can I find on boardMyCat.ca?

Our platform is purr-populated with a variety of requests, from cozy overnight stays to playful day visits, all from cat owners across Canada. Whether you’re interested in occasional or regular sitting gigs, there’s a place for your unique set of cat care skills here.


Can I build a long-term career in cat sitting on boardMyCat.ca?

Absolutely! With boardMyCat.ca’s dedicated community, you can nurture ongoing relationships with cat owners, secure repeat bookings, and grow a thriving cat sitting business in the heart of the Canadian cat-loving community.


What payment methods are available on boardMyCat.ca?

We provide a variety of payment methods for your convenience, including direct deposit and e-transfer, all facilitated securely through Stripe to ensure you receive your funds safely and promptly.


Do I need to pay to submit cat sitting proposals on boardMyCat.ca?

Nope, there's no charge for cat sitters to respond to cat sitting requests. We aim to make your experience as smooth as possible, ensuring you can focus on what you love doing most—caring for cats!


What support does boardMyCat.ca offer to help me succeed?

BoardMyCat.ca offers extensive support, including resources, tools, and customer service to assist you. We’re committed to helping you flourish in your cat sitting career with a platform that’s easy to use and a community that’s easy to love.


Is boardMyCat.ca suitable for cat sitters of all experience levels?

Yes, boardMyCat.ca welcomes everyone from veteran cat whisperers to those just starting out. We have a range of sitting opportunities to suit every level of experience and area of expertise.

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